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The Challenge to Change Method aims to break the patterns of addiction, incarceration, abuse, and neglect by tackling the underlying reasons for family dysfunction. In doing so, it also addresses the barriers preventing individuals from making and maintaining positive life changes.

Through the integration of our exclusive Generational Review Process and the 4 Phase Reconstruction Formula, clients gain the strength to comprehend, confront, and rebuild their Generational System(s) of Origin. Moreover, they receive practical tools to assist them in creating a personalized strategy for proactive living. 


The Challenge to Change Method (CTCM) offers a solution that not only makes change achievable but also sustainable.


CTCM Training & Treatment adopts a pragmatic, person-centered approach to healing and recovery. Participants receive the necessary strategies and support to initiate and maintain proactive change. Grounded in the principles of Proactive Living, Self-Mastery, and the Reconstruction of the Generational System of Origin, CTCM equips individuals with the tools to transform their lives.


This training incorporates a diverse range of tools and therapies, including Cognitive-Behavioral Modification Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Goal Setting, Interactive Journaling, Success Tracking, and ongoing Accountability. This comprehensive blend ensures program participants receive actionable tools they can immediately implement.


Empowered by the data derived from the Generational Review process, CTCM participants uncover the root causes of poor performance, emotion-driven dependencies, chemical dependencies, and abusive or dysfunctional behaviors. Upon completing the program, graduates experience heightened confidence and self-awareness. They become more adept at effective communication and self-advocacy, handling their needs and expectations productively while maintaining long-term positive changes.

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