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At Sustainable Life Change Institute of America (SLCI) our research team identified 3 critical life challenges as significant threats to the development, safety, and well-being of individuals and families.

  • Domestic & Relational Violence

  • Substance Abuse & Addiction

  • Incarceration & Re-Entry

We develop and deliver high impact treatment and training programs designed to empower individuals and families in crisis to overcome critical life challenges such as relational violence, substance abuse, and reintegration after incarceration. Our people first philosophy ensures that every SLCI program begins with the success of our end user in mind. Our workshops, keynotes, and training curriculums are easy to understand and implement thus making long term life change not only possible, but sustainable.

Our communities and our country are in crisis. It is time for a new approach.

One that saves lives and creates sustainable results. That is what we do.


We partner with direct providers and service organizations across the United States who assist individuals with recovery, re-entry, reunification, or prevention services by providing treatment and training options that lead to sustainable life changes for program participants.

Our programs work in tandem with existing services offered by Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, Prisons, Court Ordered Diversion Programs, Local Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Response Providers. 

Bridging the Gap Between Therapy & Training

Sustainable Life Change Training & Treatment moves beyond the scope of simply effecting change and focuses on ensuring that participants develop an understanding of the root cause of their experiences, then provide them with a blueprint for the reconstruction of their Generational System. 


This approach shifts the paradigm from past and present-focused to future-focused, with the goal being self-mastery that leads to ongoing proactive improvements that are sustainable over time.   

Our programs utilize a variety of tools and therapies including Cognitive-Behavioral Modification Therapy (CBT), Humanistic Therapy (HT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Generational Review, Self-Assessment, Goal Setting, Interactive Journaling, Proactive Living, and ongoing Accountability.

Dr. Marci Training, Phoenix, AZ

Cultivate Healing And Navigate Growth Effectively

Participants are trained on how to discover the root cause(s) of their emotion-driven dependencies, chemical dependencies, and abusive or neglectful behaviors. Program graduates exit the program with and elevated understanding of themselves and their circumstances. They demonstrate more confidence, self-awareness and improved decision making. They are better able to effectively communicate and self-advocate their needs and expectations in a productive manner and maintain their changes long-term.

The combined effect results in a stronger families and safer communities. Our innovative approach to sustainable change provides for a more streamlined rehabilitation process, shorter reunification times for families, increased personal and social responsibility, decreased relapse & recidivism rates

Our Services

We work hand in hand with direct service providers such as Rehab Facilities, Treatment Centers, Abuse Shelters, Re-Entry Programs, and the Judicial System. We specialize in the development and training of customized curriculums that address specific life challenges. With over 30 years of training, leadership, and curriculum development experience, nobody does it like we do. 

By contracting with us they are able to enhance the services they offer to individuals with cutting edge programs, taught by certified and experienced trainers. 


Areas of Specialty...

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