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We're thrilled to work closely with service providers like Rehab Centers, Treatment Facilities, Shelters for those in need, Reentry Programs, and the Judicial. Our strength is in making tailored programs that focus on the exact challenges people are dealing with. With more than three decades of experience in training, leadership, and curriculum development, our approach stands out in a special way.

Teaming up with us allows service providers to enhance what they offer. People can access top-notch programs led by certified, experienced trainers. Working together, we aim to truly make a positive impact in the lives of those who desire lasting, positive changes in their lives and relationships. 

Our communities and our country are in crisis. It is time for a new approach.

One that saves lives and creates sustainable results. That is what we do.


SLCI works closely with service providers across the U.S. Our aim is to help individuals on their path to recovery and prevention using a variety of treatments and training. Our goal is to create lasting positive changes for everyone in the programs.

Our innovative approaches to treatment and training add to the great work of our esteemed partners, such as Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, Prisons, The Judicial System, and Domestic Violence Support Organizations. Together, we're building a support network that empowers people to embrace change, make positive transformations, and create a brighter, stronger, violence-free future.

Bridging the Gap Between Therapy & Training

Welcome, this is where positive transformation begins. Our programs do more than just bring change – we help you understand the reasons behind your experiences. This knowledge lets you reshape your way of thinking, focusing on the future instead of dwelling on the past or present.

Our main aim is to empower you to master your life, making ongoing improvements that truly last.


We use a variety of techniques and therapies like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and more. These tools help you explore, set goals, and grow, with continuous support and guidance.

Dr. Marci Training, Phoenix, AZ

Cultivate Healing And Navigate Growth Effectively

Our programs help participants uncover the reasons behind their emotional and chemical dependencies, as well as harmful behaviors. After completing the program, they gain a better understanding of themselves and their situations, leading to more confidence. This boost in self-awareness improves their decision-making, communication skills, and their ability to express their needs and expectations effectively – qualities that last.

Our approach has a positive impact on families and communities. Our innovative methods make rehabilitation quicker, reuniting families sooner. We also promote personal and social responsibility, reducing the chances of relapse and repeat behavior. The Sustainable Life Change Institute of America is dedicated to creating lasting positive change for individuals, families, and communities."

Our Services

Here at the Sustainable Life Change Institute of America (SLCI). Our committed research team has pinpointed three major life challenges that seriously affect personal growth, safety, and overall wellness for individuals and families.

Our main areas of attention are:

  1. Healing from Domestic and Relational Violence

  2. Recovery from Substance Abuse and Addiction

  3. Prevention of Physical and Substance Abuse"

Our dedication lies in creating and delivering meaningful treatment and training programs. We aim to strengthen individuals and families facing challenges by giving them vital tools and life skills necessary to disrupt and break free from generational systems and overcome the patterns of behavior that lead to relationship violence and substance abuse across generations.


Areas of Specialty...

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