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Ending the Generational Systems of Abuse, Addiction, and Incarceration requires an individualized approach to group training and therapy. 


This builds bonds, provides accountability and creates safe environment that allows the individuals who are enrolled in our programs to gain the knowledge, courage, and confidence that is necessary to make and maintain the significant changes necessary to reclaim power and control over their lives.


Our treatment and training programs are designed and facilitated in a way that provides each participant a roadmap to develop a customized blueprint for Sustainable Life Changes. 

Best in Class:
Effectiveness & Sustainability 

The Matriarch Society salutes this courageous, beautiful, and brilliant woman for her contributions to helping women overcome the pain of Domestic Violence. Her blatant truths and willingness to share her adversities have saved and turned VICTIMS into VICTORS.

-Kimberly W. 
Founder, Matriarch Society
Dominguez, CA

I brought Dr. Marci in as a keynote speaker as part of a back-to-school training event for teachers and other school staff. She customized her message to align with our focus areas as an organization and was a favorite session for most of the participants. Top-notch!" 

-Tammy G. 
Principal, Starshine Academy
Phoenix, AZ

My biggest take aways is the better understand of my drug addiction and why I chose it for so long. I know now it's going to take longer than 12 weeks to fix my problem but at least not I have some groundwork to get started.

-E. L
Group Treatment Patient
Fairbanks, AK

Dr. Marci was a well-versed, personable trainer with great energy and insight from her personal experiences. She definitely defines the words "real talk". Her message was perfect for our group of women and teenage girls." 

-Shell S. 
National Charity League
Tucson, AZ

What our clients and participants are saying...

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