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5.5 in x 8.5 in. paperback book.

Developing a strategy to exit an abusive relationship is paramount to your personal safety as well as the protection of your children, friends and family who support you through the process. This book focuses on providing you with some points of consideration as you begin to formulate your safe exit plan.

The information, tools and resources contained in here are provided to give you an advantage and allow you to have a head start so that you can successfully leave the situation in a way that protects you as well as your friends and family who are attempting to support your exit.

This book was created TO SAVE LIVES.

Making a Safe Exit

  • This book is intended to be used as a practical guidance tool to provide points of consideration to individuals who desire to leave an abusive relationship or for those wishing to help loved ones experiencing abuse.

    THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE VIEWED AS OR REPLACE LEGAL ADVICE. This book is based on a combination of my own personal experiences, many years of subject matter research, and more than a decade of frontline work with victims, survivors, and families who have experienced Domestic Assault and Intimate Partner Violence.

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