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Image by RU Recovery Ministries

Statistics don't lie. The rates of domestic violence and substance abuse continue to increase every year and have reached epidemic proportions. 

Multiple studies have shown that the use of drugs and/or alcohol increase the likelihood of relational violence. It has also been shown that victims of violence are more likely to use alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism for the abuse. 

The sustainable solution for curing an epidemic is PREVENTION.

Relational and Substance Abuse Prevention

We partner with service providers, governmental agencies, and law enforcement to deliver to reality-based treatment and training solutions that are transformative for the individuals and families that participate in our programs. 

Our workshops and programs are designed for end-users to be able to begin immediately implementing the tools into their everyday lives. 

In doing so we are able to successfully disrupt generational system of behavior, eliminate family violence, decrease substance abuse and reduce recidivism rates for offenders. thereby by strengthening the overall family dynamics. 

Image by Dan Meyers

Modules include:

  • Generational Review

  • Behavior Analysis

  • Impact Assessment

  • Effective Communication

  • Active Listening

  • Goal Setting

  • Critical Thinking

  • Cause & Effect Reasoning 

  • Financial Literacy/Budgeting

  • Boundary Setting

  • Anger Management

Private Contract:  

  • Type: Small or Large Group Sessions

  • Length:  Varies:  2 day intensive workshop -30 day group training

  • Duration: varies

  • Frequency: customized scheduling available

  • Model: Live: Virtual or In-Person

  • Maximum Participants: 25/session

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