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Mentees will learn social, financial, professional, & civic 

responsibility.   9 months

Where Therapy Meets Training...

Sustainable Life Change Training & Treatment moves beyond the scope of simply effecting change and focuses on ensuring that participants develop an understanding of the root cause of their experiences, then provide them with a blueprint for the reconstruction of their Generational System. 


This approach shifts the paradigm from past and present-focused to future-focused, with the goal being self-mastery that leads to ongoing proactive improvements that are sustained over time.   

Each of our programs utilizes a variety of tools and therapies including Cognitive-Behavioral Modification Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Goal Setting, Interactive Journaling, Success Tracking, ongoing Accountability, and Generational Review.

Dr. Marci Training, Phoenix, AZ

Participants are empowered to utilize the data that is mined from the Generational Review process to discover the root cause of poor performance, emotion-driven dependencies. chemical dependencies, and abusive or dysfunctional behaviors. Program graduates exit the program with more confidence and self-awareness. They are better able to effectively communicate and self-advocate their needs and expectations in a productive manner, uphold their boundaries and maintain their changes long-term.

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