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Sustainable Life Changes begin by becoming aware of the unhealthy attachments that you have been holding onto.

Our Break Every Chain Series is designed to help you disrupt the thought and behavior patterns that are keeping you stuck in a perpetual cycle of dysfunction. 

The weekly exercises will improve your awareness, increase your confidence, and give you strategies to begin breaking those chains and allow you to make meaningful and sustainable changes in your life and relationships.  

So, just how introverted are you? 

An introvert is described as "a person who is predominantly focused on internal thoughts and feelings rather than on external things or social interaction, often characterized as being quiet or withdrawn."

However, one can be an introvert and not appear quiet or withdrawn at all. In fact, many introverts can thrive in the company of others and in some cases even to the point of being identified by others as being an extrovert. 

But here's the thing, as an introvert, the secret to thriving around others is to maintain a healthy balance. Most introverts have to manage their energy reserves to prevent their emotional bank account from becoming depleted. You can love being around people but still require time alone. 

Download this short, 10 question survey and discover just how introverted you really are. The results might surprise you.

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Download Your FREE Introvert Assessment Survey and Tip Sheet Today

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Check back often to access free Surveys and articles to assist you in making meaningful and sustainable changes in your life, relationships and business.

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