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Sustainable Life Changes begin by becoming aware of the unhealthy attachments that you have been holding onto.

Our Break Every Chain Series is designed to help you disrupt the thought and behavior patterns that are keeping you stuck in a perpetual cycle of dysfunction. 

The weekly exercises will improve your awareness, increase your confidence, and give you strategies to begin breaking those chains and allow you to make meaningful and sustainable changes in your life and relationships.  

The term “people pleaser” refers to a person who has a strong urge to please others, even if at their own expense.

A recent survey suggests that nearly 49% of Americans would self-identify as being a People Pleaser, that number rises to 56% when we look at women only but men are close behind coming in at 42%. These are pretty high numbers considering the negative implications people pleasing is known to have on one's own happiness and life experiences, and overall sense of well being. 

Despite this, even those desiring to change struggle to do so. But sustainable changes and the option to BREAK THE CHAIN of People Pleasing is easier than you think once you know where to begin. 

Download this short, 10 question survey and see where your own people pleasing habits fit in and find out where to focus your efforts to end your people pleasing ways. 

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Download Your FREE People Pleaser Survey and Tip Sheet Today

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Check back often to access free Surveys and articles to assist you in making meaningful and sustainable changes in your life, relationships and business.

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