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& Relational Abuse

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Domestic and Intimate Partner violence directly affects more than 12 million1 individuals per year. Unfortunately, that is just the beginning of the story.


The full magnitude of the impact of domestic and relational violence becomes immeasurable when you begin to consider the number of adults and children who are indirectly impacted as a result of their connection to the individual(s) who are directly involved. 

Support and Education

Our Domestic & Relational Violence support program combines support and education into one cohesive package. 

The survivor support group program is facilitated by a domestic violence survivor who is trained in CTCM, CBT, Trauma Recovery, and Life Success Coaching.

Participants are supported in a way that provides them with a safe space to accept the gravity of their circumstance, gain an understanding of its root cause, develop an effective action plan, and establish a healthy support system.

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Modules include:

  • Generational Review

  • Safety Planning

  • Financial Literacy

  • Situational Awareness

  • Effects of Violence

  • Cycles of abuse

  • De-escalation Strategies

  • Effective Communication

  • Active Listening 

  • Goal Setting

  • Critical Thinking

  • Cause & Effect Reasoning 

Private Contract:  

  • Type: Small Group Sessions

  • Length: 30 Day, 

  • Frequency: 3X/ week,

  • Duration: 60-minutes

  • Model: Live- Virtual or In-Person

  • Maximum Participants: 15

Public :  

Type: Small Group Sessions

Length: Rolling 12 weeks 

Frequency: 1 X/ week

Duration: 90-minutes

Training Model: In Person

Location: Mesa, AZ

Maximum Participants: 15

It's not that simple, in fact everything about Domestic Violence and Relational Abuse is complex. Probably the most complex part about it is the decision to make an exit, leave the relationship, permanently exit the home, and no longer associate with your partner. One of the most sobering statistics and strongest cases for having a safety plan and exit strategy is the fact that 75% of women who are murdered are as a result of domestic homicide, with the majority of those occurrences happening either after they have ended the relationship or in the midst of attempting to end it. Based on that alone, the decision to leave definitely requires planning.

DISCLAIMER This book is intended to be used as a practical guidance tool to provide points of consideration to individuals who desire to leave an abusive relationship or for those wishing to help loved ones experiencing abuse.

THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE VIEWED AS OR REPLACE LEGAL ADVICE. This book is based on a combination of my own personal experiences, many years of subject matter research, and more than a decade of frontline work with victims, survivors, and families who have experienced Domestic Assault and Intimate Partner Violence.

This book focuses on providing you with some points of consideration as you begin to formulate your exit strategy.

The information, tools and resources contained in here are provided to give you an advantage and allow you to have a head start so that you can successfully leave the situation in a way that protects you as well as your friends and family who are attempting to support your exit.

This book was created TO SAVE LIVES.

Making A Safe Exit

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